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PS foam KT board

PS foam KT board

Keywords:KT board,normally KT board,PS foam KT board
Thickness:5mm,can be customed other thickness.
Colour:red,white,yellow,green,grey,blue,black  Normally colour in stock:white,red,black,need to be  customed.

Detailed introduction

KT board is a PS foam decorative sheet, the actual is affixed to both sides of a smooth sheet of foam board, plate body stiff, lightweight, easy to degenerate, easy processing, and can be directly on the screen printing, paint (need to test paint adaptation ) and printing, widely used in advertising, architectural decoration, culture and art and packaging, etc., can also be used for temporary structures of the partition.
Uses: used in exhibition display mounting, POP advertising screen printing, window modeling, toy model, gift packaging,etc.

1.KT board easy bubbles are mostly due to short maturation period, film is too thin.
2.KT board with low prices, mainly due to short production period, less the use of materials, the production of large.
3.KT board according to the different raw materials and film, divided into cardboard, light panels, anti-bubble plate, and other different varieties.


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