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Liquid iron paint

Liquid iron paint

Product: Liquid iron paint
Keyword: Magnetic rubber ,Liquid iron paint
Size 1liter/tin,stock in our warehouse
Weight: 2kgs/tin
MOQ: 1tin
Printer outdoor large format printer,indoor painting printer,Silk screen machines,printing printer,
Packing: Iron Bucket

Detailed introduction

Introduction: Black paint, environmental certification, 1 liter / barrel, coated area of 3 square feet, hand scraping the wall do not watered, quick-drying. Finish the magnetic primer surface, can choose other color of paint to cover it, does not affect the magnetic attraction. This product is used  with magnetic rubber sheet.      
Feature: "Quick installation: You can quickly install  in a moment.
Easy to use:  installation and replacement picture can be done by the clerk without any experience to complete the installation.
Easy to replace: Picture is easy to remove and replace, is limited to install a large area of advertising the best option.
Reuse: After the removal of picture, the appropriate preservation can be reused for many years.
Multi-layer overlay: you can simultaneously install the three-tier overlay picture, providing more creative advertising.
Safety and environmental protection: the two components are made of environmentally friendly materials.
Long-term use: The two components of the system can be used for many years in a safe environment that the product requires.
Easy to carry: The surface of the system picture is very light, you can roll up and put in a reel to carry or transport, very convenience."      

Usage: "1. Mounting printed picture on magnetic rubber sheet;
2. Paste magnetic rubber sheet of mounting picture on the iron surface;
3. If the surface of the object is not iron, put Liquid iron paint on the surface of the object "      
Notice: Magnetic materials cost more than traditional advertising materials, we recommend that customers print with full width, reduce waste. The sheet is cut from roll, and the specific type can be specified by the customer. 

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