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What Is Static Cling PVC Film?
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Static Cling PVC Film is a kind of non-adhesive film, which relies on the electrostatic adsorption of the product itself to adhere to the object for protection. Generally, it is mostly used for surfaces that are sensitive to adhesives or glue residues. It is mostly used for glass, lenses, high-gloss plastic surfaces, and acrylic. and other very smooth surfaces. No static electricity can be felt on the outside of the electrostatic film, it is a self-adhesive film, and the adhesion is low, which is sufficient for high-gloss surfaces.


Static Cling PVC Film is a double-layer co-extruded protective film produced by a special production process. This product has excellent stability under high temperature conditions. Because it does not use any adhesive, it can be used in any environment, and there is no residual impurities on the surface of the product, which is more environmentally friendly and reliable. It will not generate and volatilize any toxic gas and substances harmful to the environment during or after use, and is widely used in various industrial fields. It has obvious effects on product surface protection, effectively reducing the generation of defective products, improving process stability and enhancing product value.


The Static PVC Film uses static electricity to make the plastic film stick to other glass items to be protected, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the product. Static PVC Film is suitable for products that need electrostatic film protection. It is ultra-thin, strong, transparent, self-adhesive, good in transparency, small in water lines and less in crystal points. High static resistance value, good electrostatic effect, low temperature resistance and other characteristics.