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Environmental protection advertisement, easy-to-change magnetic element
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The easy-to-change magnetic element sheet is one of the magnetic materials. It is made of rust-proof material. Both sides can be long-lasting magnetically conductive but without adhesive. The material selection is safe and environmentally friendly. The product meets EN71 and ROHS standards and does not contain formaldehyde. It is widely used in advertising printing, exhibitions, handicraft production, rubber flooring, refrigerator stickers, teaching utensils, promotional supplies, light industry areas. The easy magnetism can easily mount PP, PVC, and paper screens and directly post them on iron objects. The screens can be easily installed and replaced without damage and residue, and can be reused.

Keywords: environmental protection advertisements, easy-to-change magnetic materials
Thickness: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm
Product weight: 15--35kg/box
Specification: 0.62/1.0/1.27x30m, coil, 
Shape: sheet, magnetic stripe
Spot specifications: 0.3mm thick 1.27*30m, other specifications and thickness can be customized
Applicable ink: water-based, solvent-based, weak solvent, UV ink
Applicable models: outdoor large spray machine, indoor photo machine, screen printing machine, printing machine
Product packaging: one roll in one carton, 15/30 boxes in one pallet
MOQ: One roll
Product advantages:
Quick installation: can quickly complete installation in a moment.
Easy to use: Screen installation and replacement can be easily completed by an inexperienced shop assistant.
Easy to replace: The screen is easy to remove and replace, which is the best solution for installing large-area advertisements within a limited time.
Reuse: After the screen is removed, it can be reused for many years through proper storage.
Multi-layer overlay: Three layers of pictures can be installed at the same time to provide more advertising creativity.
Safety and environmental protection: Both components of the material are made of environmentally friendly materials.
Long-term use: Both components of the material can be used for many years in the safe environment required by the product.
Easy to carry: The picture on the surface of the components is very light, and it can be rolled up and put in a roll for carrying or transportation, which is very light.

1. Mount the printed or spray-painted picture on the magnetic element sheet;
2. Post the magnetic element film mounted on the screen on the surface of the ferrous object;
3. If the surface of the object is not ferrous, just brush the surface of the object with ferrous paint.
Magnetic materials are more expensive than ordinary materials. We recommend that customers try to print as wide as possible to reduce waste. The sheet is cut from the coil, and the specific model can be specified by the customer.

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